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Founding Partner

Glen Liu

Glen Liu has accumulated >10 years experience in building digital startups in the field of market expansion, partnerships and fundraising. He has successfully forged strategic partnerships & joint ventures that have raised / supported in venture fund raising of collectively ~$30M (USD).

Glen started off as a startup founder where he cofounded GYDE and built it from the ground up to create an O2O interactive taxi media network. He led GYDE to a successful pilot test of 150 taxis with many leading brands (eg; Air Asia, Krungsri, Ford etc) as his clients which got the traction needed to fundraise 6 figure funding from a group of angels to increase the taxi network to ~2000 taxis.

In 2017, Glen joined a Singapore based boutique strategy consultancy firm and was appointed as Head of Business Development. During his time there, he led the launch of Siam Innoventures in Thailand and worked with leading asean families to scale their startup investments.

In 2020, Glen became Head of Strategy of Haulio, South East Asia fastest growing digital haulage platform and works closely with the founders on their fundraising and regional market expansion plans. Haulio have fundraised ~$5M till date and surpassed over >$15M of revenue.

In 2021, Glen got into the Batch 2 of Saison Capital Scout program and represents the company to source and identify attractive startup dealflows for Saison Capital.

Glen also serves as the Board Director of Singapore Thai Chamber of Commerce and steering committee member of Joint Foreign Chamber of Commerce. Glen has also served as a mentor for Ace Singapore Base Camp and on multiple occasions spoke at Universities and startup forums / seminars.

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