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Head of Thailand Office

Natt Kawinrachataprida

Natt Kawin.png

Natt Kawinrachataprida is a business-oriented professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. Born in Hong Kong, raised in the USA, and now based in Bangkok, Natt started her professional journey early and diversely. From working in family-owned restaurants, labor intensive jobs to management positions, she has done it all. Natt is focused on implementing businesses across South-east Asia. She emphasizes the importance of talents, services, and partners.

Natt is a serial entrepreneur and a strong networker. Using her strong skillsets, she established YSIS ASIA Group to help market companies & foster talents; her ventures included a public relations agency (YSIS PR), an entertainment brokerage & talent management (YSIS Entertainment), and an investment marketing agency (YSIS Investment Marketing). At the age of 31, she has delivered over $10 million USD in generated sales for clients across industries

In 2020, Natt joined GHS Partners & Advisory as a Partner and she now leads our Thailand office to grow & help our clients / startups scale into

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