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Head of Thailand Legal Advisory

Prungsak Chaow

Atty.Prungsak has always been on the forefront of technology world and has been to known to pioneer and support many different technology areas on the legal aspects such as Fintech, Blockchain etc.

Atty.Prungsak founded Aber Group and is the managing partner and senior attorney there specializing in litigation practice, civil and commercial laws, administrative law, IP law, digital assets law and IT law.

Atty.Prungsak has significant experience in conducting litigation case in Thai courts, in addition, he advised on various international corporate entities not only in Asia and in USA also. Prior to this Atty.Prungsak was an attorney in litigation department focusing on administrative law and IP law in SCL Nishimura (Siam City Law Offices)

In 2020, Aber Group and GHS Partners & Advisory formed a partnership to grow and help our clients / startups with their market access set up and legal needs in Thailand. Atty.Prungsak is now Head of Legal of GHS
Partners & Advisory.

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