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The only growth program you will need to expand and thrive in Southeast Asia's challenging diverse markets.

The Potential of Asean Market

The Asean market presents an exciting landscape for startup expansion. With a collective population surpassing 650 million and a rapidly growing middle class, the region offers a vast consumer base hungry for innovative products and services. The diversity of cultures, languages, and consumer preferences within the six key member countries (mentioned above) presents unparalleled opportunities for startups to tailor their offerings to specific markets.

However, many have tried & failed.

Expanding to a region as culturally diverse as Asean comes with a unique set of challenges that no single playbook / strategy can tackle. The biggest challenge of it all is finding the local market fit. It requires startups to tailor their products, services, and marketing strategies to resonate with each unique market segment. What more - navigating complex and differing regulatory environments across the 6 major member countries is another notable challenge. Adhering to local laws, securing necessary permits, and ensuring compliance can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

We decided to do something about it.

Introducing Grow Asean Program

Grow Asean is a curated program designed by GHS Partners & Advisory to offer hands-on guidance to navigate and find your fit into Asean market. The entire program will be led by our proven methodology of "Discover, Immerse & Iterate" which will enable you to:


  • Uncover market insights

  • Adapt to local nuances 

  • Test bed with in-market stakeholders (Experts & Customers)

  • Refine your market entry strategies

  • Discover market fit 

If you are looking to expand into Asean, this is the program for you. Applications are open from now till January 2024.

Limited of 15 slots available

Unique Program Features

Business Graphs

Who should join?

  • Growth Stage Startup

  • B2B / B2B2C Industry 

  • Ready Product / Solution

  • Revenue Generating in home market

  • Looking at South East Asia as a potential market

Only Limited 15 Slots Available

Key Partners
of Grow Asean


What will you get?

Access to subject

market experts

In partnership with one of Singapore's leading advisory network, get paired with a subject matter expert in your field to validate & test your market hypothesis or more

Dedicated business


Dedicated business concierge that will help track your monthly progress and administer / support your growth plans

Qualified Business matching

Gain high quality access to business leads / governmental agencies / relevant stakeholders that are pre - qualified by our support team of agile business development specialists

Monthly business development as a service

Test-bed market hypothesis through direct engagements with local market leads / stakeholders via our business development team

Monthly Strategic Consultations

Monthly strategy workshops with a GHS Partner to design think your GTM strategies & hypothesis. At every step, we prioritize collaboration, agility, and measurable results. 

Support from our partners & ecosystem network

Gain access to our support partners such as corporate secretary, accounting, legal etc and we provide networking opportunities in partnership with our local ecosystem partners

Grow Asean Introduction_2023.png

Apply now for Grow Asean 2024


Phase 1 (16 weeks, 7,500 USD one time)  

  • Discovery process to uncover their market entry strategies

  • Guided consultations to develop go to market plan

  • Validation with local subject matter expert

  • Business matching with with qualified leads

  • 1 week physical market immersion held in Singapore.

 Phase 2 (36 weeks, 2000 USD / per month)

  • Special subscription offer to monthly business support post phase 1

  • Dedicated business concierge and business development staff

  • Access to market access partners & ecosystem networks

  • Investor demo day + networking night

  • Full access to Switch 2024 

Only Limited 15 Slots Available

Add on option for startups post phase 1

switch 2023.jpg


Grow Asean will be launching in tandem with SWITCH event. All successful applicants will get an inclusive all access pass (Worth $538) to SWITCH 2024 if you sign up for both Grow Asean phase 1 - 2. More information can be found here

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